Our (Africa’s) Emerging Problem?

Many children remain out of school. Despite the salutary progress in the past, an estimated 54.6 million African children of primary- and lower secondary school age (averaging 24 percent of this age group) remained out of school in 2015 (reported by WorldBank, link to report down further in article), accounting for 45 percent of the global out-of-school population, and many of these children may never attend school.

The three most populous Sub-Saharan African countries account for about 40 percent of children who are out of school: 10.5 million in Nigeria, 7.5 million in Ethiopia, and 3.2 million in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

For those who are in school, learning levels are low. Various regional and international assessments of learning show that—except in a few countries that have achieved and maintained universal primary education—less than 50 percent of the students tested reached the absolute minimum level of learning on virtually all assessments. In many countries, less than 25 percent reached that level. For all countries, 75 percent would appear to be a reasonable minimum performance target.

The problem of low learning achievement emerges in the early grades.

The teaching of reading, which is crucial to children’s progress through school, is highly ineffective in most Sub-Saharan African countries. Early-grade reading assessments in several Sub-Saharan African countries reveal that 50–80 percent of children in second grade could not answer a single question based on a short passage they had read in the language of instruction. A large proportion could not read even a single word.

Read Full Report – Click Here, Written by WorldBank 

Our (Africa’s) Solution

STEM education, however with a twist!

Instead of taught in a classroom, STEMSSA bring STEM education to the online/offline world of technology. In todays society we have the ability to teach what normally had to take place in a classroom, now into your very own home (or classroom is your school wants to adopt out learning platform).

Below is a quick video which explains more about STEM, and what it can do for you. This is a general explainer video, the way we will teach you STEM in strictly in an online environment!